What to Expect

Our online option is self-paced but can be completed in about a week.  Our in-person option is broken up over a 4-day period.  While in the in-person training a review will be done after each module prior to taking the exam. 

 Our remaining courses are divided into the following sections:     

1.   Pre-Trip Inspection

2.   Range Course

3.   Road Course


The Pre-Trip Inspection is typically done as part of the range course, but in our experience, it has proven to be the most difficult portion of the entire training program, so we separate it to allow for adequate time to not only identify components but explain their purpose and the verbiage needed during the state’s skills test.


The Range Course covers the necessary maneuvers required by the FMCSA.  It also covers what the driver will be tested on during the state skills test.  The student will be taught various maneuvers and the key points to recognize while performing the maneuvers.  The student will then be evaluated to ensure that they can perform the maneuvers successfully.


The Road Course covers how to properly operate a commercial vehicle on a public roadway.  This course will cover the laws associated with operating a commercial vehicle on the road.  Students will have an opportunity to practice driving a commercial vehicle on the roadways.  The student will then be taken through a specific route to evaluate their ability to successfully perform each essential function.


The HazMat Endorsement Course covers proper loading, securing, documenting, transporting, and unloading hazardous materials.  The course gives a general overview of the requirements needed to satisfy the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration training.  Review of the complete HazMat transportation manual is recommended for individuals looking to transport Hazardous Materials.


The Passenger Endorsement Course covers general knowledge necessary to take and pass your states Passenger Endorsement test.  In addition to the knowledge portion of this course, you will learn how to properly inspect a passenger vehicle, operate on a public roadway, and perform maneuvers within a closed space.